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Team rosters include players who have completed one year of college, and who still have college eligibility remaining. As such, many believe that summer collegiate leagues represent the highest level of pre-professional amateur baseball in America.

Players report to McBean Stadium prior to Memorial Day Weekend. (Some may arrive later if they are involved in post-season play with their schools). Host family/player assignments are finalized one week before report day, if at all possible.

            Potters players are required to be good citizens of the community and obey all state and local laws. The legal age for consumption of alcoholic beverages is 21 in California. In addition, under no circumstances is a player of legal age to provide alcohol to an underage teammates/persons or purchase or consume alcohol while in uniform or at any playing site.


            Host families are generally assigned one player to a residence, unless they have requested otherwise. It is the player’s responsibility to follow the host family household rules as well as all state and local laws. Players are asked to treat host families with respect and conduct themselves as family members, not an “honored guest”. (Improper conduct toward a host family, teammates host families, or other people in the community will result in disciplinary action.) In return, host families should be sure that their players feel like they are part of the family, and provide a “home away from home”, keeping in mind they are college students who have lived on their own.

Host Families Responsibilities

As a host family, it would be your responsibility to provide your player a stable, clean, and healthy environment for the duration of the summer season. Host families need to provide their player a private bed and place to sleep, and access to bathroom and laundry facilities. Host families should also provide meals during the season (when they are not traveling), and can include players in other family activities, as long as it does not cause them to miss games. Players must provide their own transportation to the field, as required by NCAA policy. Some players arriving from across the country are without transportation; therefore, they need to stay close to other players with transportation. Players must rely on their own vehicles, or assistance from teammates. The players will be very busy with a possible schedule of 50+ games in the 9-week season, in addition to practices and special events.

Host Family Perks:

The benefits to committing to the host family program are significant. First and foremost, you will be assisting young athletes in their pursuit of playing professional baseball. Many players and families form a bond that extends well beyond one summer of baseball. Your family receives free season tickets (for members of the family living with the player) for home games and 10% off Potters merchandise. Your family will also be invited to attend special events. We will keep you informed of the specials that our partners are offering Host Families.

We truly appreciate your generosity and commitment to these student-athletes. You are what will make this TEAM possible!

*No host family is guaranteed a player will be hosted in their home due to the following scenarios that have happened, and could happen; emergencies (personal or family), injuries, eligibility issues (school issues or grades), being drafted by the MLB. These scenarios can arise prior to their arrival or after their arrival.